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Giant Games for 2 Players

If you're looking for a way to make your corporate events memorable, you've come to the right place. Giant Games and Photo Booths offer affordable game rentals to use at different gatherings. We have everything from giant anagram cubes to dominoes available. Turn to us today to rent games for your next event in New York City.

Over sized Anagram Cubes - $65

Make spelling fun for your guests at the next VIP event. We have 20 large anagram cubes that players can use to play their own version of Boggle. Like the classic game, players will use our 3½" cubes to spell out different words.

Each cube has a different letter with points on each side, which totals 120 letter impressions. The players will be able to spell out different 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words. The player that spells out the most words during the allotted time wins. 

Giant Dominoes

Giant Dominoes - $45

Why play an ordinary game of dominoes when you can make it more interesting? We have giant domino pieces for rent for. Measuring 7" x 4" x 1" (height x width x thickness), these gigantic pieces are easy to move. We'll provide you a full set dominoes that include 28 double-6 pieces.

Hydro Blaster Game - $245

If you're having a carnival-themed event, our Hydro Blaster game is for you. This 2-person game involves players pumping as much air or water in each other's balloon as possible until 1 pops. The player that pops his or her opponent's balloon first wins.

Our game doesn't take up much space, as it only measures 3'5" x 4' x 6'5" (length x width x height). It also only weights 75 lbs. 

Hydro Blaster Game

Giant Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe - $20

One player gets X's the other player gets O's. The object of the game is to get three of your letters in a row.

Stackers - $65

Thirty six jumbo cups, twelve each of red, white and blue.
Great for exciting floor relays and double stacking.
Let the whole group participate at once.

Giant Stackers Game

Each cup is 10.6 inches high by 9 inches in diameter.

Giant Bananagram GameImage Courtesy of Matt Marquez.

 Bananagram Game - $45

This image is of my Bananagram game for Time Out Magazine, Battle of the Burger Challenge in lower Manhattan.

The words created must connect and intersect like a crossword or like "Scrabble". When a player uses up all of his or her letters, he yells "Peel!" and all the players draw another letter. Players can rearrange their letters as often as they like, even already placed letters.

(If you draw a "Z" and you need a "U" that is in the middle of another word, it can be pulled out as long as the resulting re-combinations still form words.)
If a letter is difficult to place the player calls out "Dump!" and exchanges this letter for three others. No other player should take a tile on a dump.

Play continues until the number of players outnumber the tiles. The first player to use all of his tiles s says, "Bananas!" If all his word are good he is the winner of the hand.. The  players inspect the "winning" hand. Each word is checked for legality. A legal word is one found in a standard dictionary .You may challenge a player's word.There is no penalty for this challenge. If an illegal word is found in the played "hand", that player is declared a "rotten banana" and is out of the hand. His tiles are returned to the bunch, and play is resumed as before.

Each hand may be its own game or players may wish to keep track of the number of hands won and play to a certain number of victories.

Chinese Checkers - $45

This over-sized version of Chinese checkers comes with a 5' mat.

Players take turns moving a peg of their own color. In one turn a peg may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole OR it may make hop over 1 or more pegs. Where a hopping move is made, each hop must be over an adjacent peg and into a the vacant hole directly beyond it. Each hop may be over any colored peg including the player's own and can proceed in any one of the six directions. After each hop, the player may either finish or, if possible and desired, continue by hopping over another peg.

Giant Chinese Checkers Game

Occasionally, a player will be able to move a peg all the way from the starting triangle across the board and into the opposite triangle in one turn! Pegs are never removed from the board. It is permitted to move a peg into any hole on the board including holes in triangles belonging to other players, even triangles not presently in use. However, once a peg has reached the opposite triangle, it may not be moved out of the triangle - only within the triangle. The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner.

Get Knotted-Like Twister - $65

Have fun with this giant get knotted game for up to 30 players. Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which co loured flower. Get Knotted up with other players to make the game more difficult for them. But beware: fall over and you are out of the game.

Get Get Knotted like Twister Game

How to Play: (Official rules)
1. Nominate a referee, they will throw the dice and judge on player disqualification. 
2. Choose whether you take turns to move, one player at a time or if all players move on every roll of the dice. 
3. Position the players on the board.  Players can start anywhere on the board.  All players start with one foot on one color and the other foot on another color.  If you do not have many players then you may agree to a reduced playing area. 
4. The referee throws both giant dice and calls out the results to the players.  "Sting" means the referee chooses the color and the limb. "Any" means the player chooses and the "Smiling Flower" means the player moves any limb to a smiling flower. 
5. Players then move the nominated body part to the correct color. 
6. Any player that falls over or who lets any of their body except their hands or feet touch the mat is disqualified and therefore eliminated from the game.  The final decision on whether or not they breached the rules is with the referee. 
7. The rule on whether two players can occupy the same color spot is optional.  The referee must decide if this is allowed or not. 

The winner is the last player left after all others have been disqualified

Ostrich Egg Spoon

Ostrich Egg Spoon - $25

Whether they're balancing jumbo eggs on their heads or on specially designed spoons, kids will have a big time blast with these lightweight, hollow plastic ostrich eggs! Each measures over 8 "H and 5" in diameter. This super cool, super sized set includes 6 eggs, one each in our colors, 12L wood spoons, 6 foam rings and an activity guide.

Quarter Toss Game - $75

The Object of the game is to toss a dime within any circle. The dime has to be completely in the circle and not touching the outer rim.

Quarter Toss

Dime Toss

Dime Toss Game - $75

The Object of the game is to toss a dime within any circle. The dime has to be completely in the circle and not touching the outer rim.

Cornhole - $75

Classic game that can't be beat at any event or party.


Catch the light game

Catch The Light - $895

Catch the Light is a new speed and reflex game designed for both adults and children. Quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart your opponent in this fact-paced redemption piece, perfect for any location!

•Bright flashing LED cabinet and buttons
•Red and Blue displays for scores, credits, and time
•Illuminated corner covers
•Adjustable difficultly level
•Beautiful graphics with LED back-lights

The Vault - $495

Select difficulty level
Push trigger to start
Stop the orbiting WHITE lights on the RED lights
Progress through all 5 rounds to WIN
You have 30 seconds to complete your mission

Home stretch Racing Game - $1,395

Bring the excitement of the track to your events. Home Stretch is the head-to-head attraction sure to draw a crowd. Bounce the balls off the starting gate and into the sprint, gallop and trot slots. Earn points and bring your horse across the finish line.

Bean Toss and Bank Shot

Additional Games:

We have many other 2-person games available. You can rent these products to play during all types of gatherings, such as team building, marketing, and promotion events. The games we have for rent include:

  • Catch the Light — $895
  • Bananagrams — $45
  • Portable Skeeball — $175
  • Strike A Light — $895
  • Cannonball Drop — $65
  • Cornhole — $75
  • Pluck a Duck— $695

We have expanded our business to include the following:
DJ, MCs, Live Bands, Photo Booth, Carnival Games, Magicians, Team Building, Balloon Decor, and Catering.

We service Parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut